We are manufacturers of fruit juice concentrates, dried fruit pomaces and fruit aromas. The Quality Policy is the most important objective of Our Plant activities. Our products are mostly sold at foreign markets. Our wish is to fulfill the Clients’ requirements and expectations as to the highest quality of the supplied products.
The manufacturing process of the finished products is operated by qualified employees, and everybody realizes that they are responsible for achieving the quality objectives.

The basic objectives of our company are:

  • maintaining the health safety of the finished products at the highest level,
  • taking care of continuous quality of final products,
  • development of the plant and improving the process of production,
  • the employees’ sense of security by creating friendly work conditions,
  • operating in compliance with the provisions of law pertaining to the environment protection.

For securing the continuous development of the company:

  • We are introducing the HACCP system and the EN ISO 22000:2005 norm for the whole range of production and we are continually updating the Quality Management System.
  • We are examining the highest quality of our products in certified laboratories.
  • We are increasing the qualifications of our employees by carrying out trainings according to plan.
  • We are enlarging the circle of our purchasers and suppliers.
  • We are carrying out internal audits to control, verify and correct the proper functioning of the system.
  • We are cooperating with qualified suppliers who comply with the Principles of Good Farming Practice.
  • We are perfecting the production technology improving the quality of finished products and the economic efficiency of the company.