About our company

“We, the APPOL”

The founders of APPOL have been operating in the food industry incessantly for almost 30 years. They have formed the foundations of today’s enterprise. For the last several years, the people associated with APPOL have been building the company’s strength through systematic and organic work. The result is a 15-times increase in the previous production capacity and the capability to process 2000 tons of fresh fruits a day.

We are pleased with the fact that due to our acquisition of the Production Plant in Potycz, we have become the largest company in the fruit concentrate manufacture business.

Our stable position in the market and reliability allow us to implement consequent ideas on the company’s further development.


APPOL today is:

  • Energetic and qualified staff, efficient management and technical equipment at the highest global level.
  • A leader in investments, a dynamic enterprise open to development, always close to you – our customers and suppliers.
  • Flat management structure, where decisions are made quickly regardless of the level of command.
  • Key locations in Poland, which give us access to our resource base.

Thanks to all this, APPOL is now a leading manufacturer of concentrated fruit juices.